The world's first neurofeedback device for home use by autistic children


Ground breaking, Portable EEG device, for home Use,

That Uses Neuro Feedback technology

To help relax the minds of autistic patients enabling them to Focus better and engage positively with their environment



Mente™ controls the “small power station” in the brain.

It records the user's brainwave levels in real time,

Send the information to its computer software and providing an EEG representation of the therapy session,

Then analyses the brainwave activity and reports.  

Its unique patented technology processes the brainwaves and converts them into therapeutic individual, “tailor-made” binaural beat representations



Mente™ is a portable device that is comfortable to wear

Affordable, priced at par with household technology devices

Used within the home, without the need for the child to visit a hospital or clinic for treatment

Simple to use, hospital grade technology that does not need specialists to activate, manage or interpret.


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