With UWISH We Wish You A Better Sleep


UWISH CPAP is a Continuous positive airway pressure therapy (CPAP ) to help a person who has obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) breathe more easily during sleep. Apnea is characterized by a cessation of airflow lasting higher than or equal to 10 seconds, breathing recovery usually coinciding with a very brief awakening or relief of sleep.

The UWISH generation of CPAP and Auto CPAP make a way for quitter more comfortable CPAP therapy giving you the best therapy and uninterrupted.


How it works

Our quietest CP1 Auto provides stable and comfortable air flow, with intelligent pressure detection and adjustment in response to patient needs, you no longer need to worry about your therapy pressure, it helps you solve your snore issue. 

Furthermore, it makes you get enough rest while you are sleeping, and solves your fatigue and sleepiness problems which caused by your sleep apnea.The intelligent software for pressure releif deliver 3 levels of pressure releif at the right time making it easy to the patient to adapt to the therapy.

Our recent development is the Concept of Cloud Dr. CPAP. The User will remotely upload the data from Home Computer or Smartphone .The Hospitals,Clinics,Distributor will easily access the data thorough our Cloud system  and remotely adjust parameter when needed without being ON patient Site.



Auto Pressure Adjustment: You no longer need to worry about your therapy pressure.

Low Noise: <30 dBA, this quiet machine won’t disturb your sleep.

Auto On/Off: It starts automatically when you put your mask on, and stop automatically when you take your mask off, makes the treatment handier.

Leak Compensation: You still get the right therapeutic pressure even if your mask is not perfectly fit.

Automatic Altitude Adjustment: no matter whether you live on the mountain or ground, you will still get the same therapeutic pressure.

Storage Device – SD/SDHC Card: Stores you sleep condition, easier for doctor analysis.

International Voltage: Allow you to use it when you travel overseas.


Our role during this process:

Installation of the CPAP device at home

Provide the patient with all the necessary instructions for use and the rules of hygiene and safety

Conduct regular follow-up visits at home.

Inform the doctor right course of the treatment for his patient.

Manage the administrative record of the patient.