The first and only system for the automatic and continual removal of ascites.

What is alfapump®

The alfapump® is a subcutaneously implanted battery-operated pump, designed especially for ascites management, which automatically and continually moves ascites from the abdominal cavity to the bladder, where it is excreted naturally from the body. This leads to fewer hospital treatments, and thanks to DirectLink Technology that improves patients’ medical improving.


How it works

The alfapump system is implanted subcutaneously using a minimally invasive procedure.The bladder and peritoneal catheters are placed using standard surgical techniques. They are then tunnelled to a small pump pocket located in the right upper abdominal quadrant where they are connected to the pump which is implanted under the skin.Fluid is moved by the pressure gradient created by two gears  and powered by a motor that turn in one-way  to ensures unidirectional fluid movement.



Significantly reduces or eliminates entirely the need for LVP, allowing the patient to lead a more normal life

Significantly reduces the risks associated with repeated LVP

Enhances quality of life

Does not affect eligibility for livertransplant



Avoid painful parecentesis procedures

Help patients improve nutrition and physical activity

Frees up valuable physician and nurse time

Save costs on bed space and expensive doses of human albumin



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