MHT Group S.A.R.L. is a company with wide experience in business development and distribution of high technology medical device products in Lebanon. Our goal is to become one of the business leaders in this field across the Lebanese market. Our commitment to excellence pushes us to develop long term trust worthy relationship with the medical community. We focus on providing our physicians cutting edge clinical and medical technology products that will help improve quality and people’s lives.

At MHT Group S.A.R.L, our aim is to combine the consultancy expertise of our team in the local and International markets. Our objective is to promote business development activities with healthcare professionals that will help us take the medical devices business to the next level. We strive for collaborating with both the private and governmental sectors in the country to make sure that our products are delivered to all categories of patients.

MHT Group S.A.R.L was established with a purpose of working  hand in hand with the top leading medical specialists to offer patients world-class products.Our mission is to distribute locally and regionally innovative medical technologies and implement new solutions for the needs of the medical and healthcare markets.